About Us

Twenty-first century prescribed fire managers face new and increasingly complex challenges. If the concerns and misapprehensions that generate those challenges are not responded to in a collaborative manner they might limit or threaten the use of prescribed fire as a management tool. Concerns about public safety and health, ecological stewardship, liability, public education, and air quality regulation are greater than any one agency or state can address. To more effectively address the issues and to better meet these challenges, a diverse group of public and private leaders formed a “National Coalition of Prescribed Fire Councils” in 2007. In 2009, the Coalition of Prescribed Fire Councils, Inc. was formally developed into a non-profit corporation.

The Coalition’s core mission is to promote the appropriate use of prescribed fire for enhancing public safety, managing resources, and sustaining environment quality. In addition, the Coalition encourages and facilitates the organization of prescribed fire councils in states that lack active councils. Partnering prescribed fire councils’ efforts, which collectively represent twelve million acres of annual prescribed fire use, has created a forum to voice and address issues of national concern. The Coalition’s work facilitates communication among interested parties in the field of prescribed fire, provides a focal point for sharing ideas and information, and creates opportunities for prescribed fire collaboration.